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Business Moving Company Going Green

Business moving company helping businesses go “green” to help the community thrive where they plant themselves. “Going green” has not always been a part of the moving industry vocabulary. However, times are changing. With more and more businesses becoming environmentally conscious, understanding the impact of something as simple as a move is important to more people every day.

The moving industry produces a great deal of waste and pollutants as a byproduct of the work that has to be done. The trucks pollute the air we breathe. Cardboard boxes fill landfills after being discarded. Styrofoam packing materials are used in almost every move. Relocating adds to landfills, pollutes the air we breathe and affects the overall health of the environment we all share. It is for this reason that “going green ” is catching on with the moving industry.

There are many things a moving company can do to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The use of eco-friendly packing materials, recycled plastics and using moving materials that do not end up in a landfill are becoming the trend in the moving industry.

Another way to take care of the world we live in is through the use of environmentally friendly fuels. Many commercial vehicles use EPA certified Bio-diesel fuel. In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint, bio-diesel is becoming the go to fuel for an increasing number of industries and is becoming very popular with many moving companies concerned about the future of our environment.

Engine testing reveals the ozone forming potential of bio-diesel fuel is almost 50 percent less than measurements for standard diesel fuels. In addition, the sulfur oxides and sulfate exhaust emissions from bio-diesel are essentially nonexistent when compared to regular diesel. This means the use of bio-diesel cuts down on production of carbon dioxide and reduces sulfur and hydrocarbon emissions creating a cleaner atmosphere.

For all of these reasons, the Green Truck Moving Company has implemented Eco-Friendly practices throughout our entire business model. The Green Truck provides an Eco-Friendly move by fueling our trucks with bio-diesel, planting two trees after every move, recycling all of our customers moving materials, as well as offering reusable moving containers. The Green Truck Movers want our customers to know that choosing The Green Truck as their preferred mover helps contributed to cleaner communities across the entire Middle Tennessee area and the planet!